There are many different makes and models of AWD vehicles. Fuel prices are on the rise and many consumers are exchanging their four-WD automobiles for all wheel drive models. With technology advancing many manufacturers such as Honda and Subaru have adjusted their AWD systems obtain better fuel economy. Browse this site listing about rims Austin

All WD vehicle demand is on the rise. Consumers are taking advantage of vehicles that can travel in unsatisfactory conditions. When compared to front or rear WD vehicles, AWD models offer the added security of four-wheel traction.

The traditional four-wheel drive automobile is being phased into an all wheel drive one. Why is this? One main reason is fuel consumption.

As technology has advanced, all WD vehicles have incorporated systems that supply power to individual wheels, as additional traction is needed. Most AWD systems such as the ones that are available in the Subaru’s and Honda’s can transfer power to wheels diagonally and front to back.

This transferring of power helps reduce the wasted torque that would be used in a four-WD vehicle. Sensors are located in all wheels that provide data to the cars computer that will tell the drive train which wheels need the extra power.

Honda and Subaru alike offer factory supplied coverage against all WD vehicle failures or problems.

As the technology advances, one should look to see more makes and models that are taking advantage of all wheel drive technology. Take the opportunity to visit dealerships and drive the different automobiles available. In addition to driving them ask the salesman about the different AWD systems available.